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Woman Battling Cancer Gives Back to Organization as a CFA Community Grantmaker

Robyn Wertheim is one of the community grantmakers chosen to recommend a $100 mini-grant to a local nonprofit organization, and the cause she has chosen is one that has personally...

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How "Bunching" and Donor-Advised Funds Can Maximize Your Giving

by Courtney Vletas, Development and Donor Services Director Last year, we were concerned that the new tax law might cap or eliminate the charitable deduction. Fortunately, it didn’t. However, for...

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Shopping, Giving, and Making a Difference

In 2015 alone, Americans gave a record $373.25 billion to charities, up 4% from the year before. So have you ever wondered how much of that giving happens at the...

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Refugee Women Help Homeless by ‘Plarning for Abilene’

Travel about 8,200 miles east from Abilene, Texas, and you will find yourself in a land home to some of the tallest and most scenic mountains in the world...

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