The Community Foundation of Abilene is a nonprofit grantmaker helping donors make a positive, lasting impact on the lives of people in the Abilene region.

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What is #Abilanthropy?
noun │ Abi•lan•thro•py │ \ a-bə-ˈlan(t)-thrə-pē \ Definition: The act of doing good to others in the Abilene, Texas region, expressed particularly by the generous donation of resources or time to benevolent causes. Video: The Impact our Donors Have
It just kind of gave me the confidence to go out and swim more . . . This is one of my all-time favorite sports right here.
Michael Martinez
Special Olympics Texas athlete
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It makes me feel happy . . . I've never built this before, so I'm glad to learn how to build these things.
Attended Center for Contemporary Arts summer camp free of charge, thanks to a grant from a donor's fund
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The impact we can make, together.
34 years
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