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Logos & Guidelines

Approved Identities

The Community Foundation of Abilene (CFA) identities comprise the institutional “starfish,” logo and descriptor type. These three identities have been developed specifically for CFA and may not be recreated by any conventional typesetting methods. To ensure legal protection and promote proper use, the symbol or identity must never be redrawn, cut apart, condensed, elongated, embellished, or altered in any way.

If you plan to list contact information for a staff member on any collateral, mailers or marketing materials a courtesy email would be appreciated. Thanks!

Click on the logo file you need, and when the file opens, right-click the image and select "save image as."




Primary - Dark Teal: PANTONE 2189 C

HEX: 00415C

R: 0
G: 65
B: 92

C: 100
M: 29
Y: 0
K: 63

Secondary - Light Blue:


R: 148
G: 190
B: 208

C: 28
M: 8
Y: 0
K: 18

Accent - Red-Orange: PANTONE 178 C

HEX: F25757

R: 242
G: 87
B: 87

C: 0
M: 64
Y: 64
K: 5