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Grant Applications

Grant Cycles

The Community Foundation of Abilene typically has four grant cycles each year — the Spring Discretionary cycle, Future Fund cycle, Field of Interest cycle, and Fall Discretionary cycle. See the guidelines below for deadlines and qualifications to apply:

Apply for a Grant

Discretionary and Future Fund Grants: These grant applications are submitted online. To apply for a grant, click on this link. First-time applicants will need to create an account. Follow the instructions to submit your grant application. If you need help, first watch this video tutorial or review this document with instructions on how to submit your grant application.

Click here to see a preview of the letter of intent, application, and evaluation questions.

Field of Interest Grants: Please use this Field of Interest Application when applying for any of the following grants: Celebration of Life, Humane Treatment of Animals and/or Mental Health. In addition to the application, other attachments are required. Please click on the appropriate category below to see the grant guidelines above for specific requirements.


    If you have further questions about the grant application process or grant opportunities, contact Michelle Parrish at mparrish@cfabilene.org or 325-676-3883.


    The Community Foundation of Abilene requires nonprofit organizations to report on the impact of funded programs. The evaluation includes details about the need the program attempted to meet, its objectives, elements, measurable outcomes, the role of partners, plans for the future, opportunities for improvement and an accounting of expenditures. Log in to your online account to fill out an evaluation for the Discretionary and Future Fund grants, or click here to access the Field of Interest grant evaluation.