Future Fund

Established in 1995, the Future Fund is comprised of leaders who are committed to improving the lives of children and youth in Abilene. Future Fund nurtures philanthropic leadership through the development of a permanent endowment, grant making, and educational and social events.

Future Fund members have pooled their funds and energy to create a lasting impact in Abilene. Members are invited to attend Future Fund events where they learn about philanthropy and critical issues in the community. They also have the opportunity to participate on our grant, membership and social committees.

Every dollar raised through membership dues is deposited into the Future Fund Endowment Fund held at the Foundation. Currently the endowment is valued at more than $700,000.

We use these funds to make annual grants based on recommendations from our grant committee, which reviews proposals and makes site visits.  To date, we’ve given more than $858,000 to local nonprofits, including nearly $74,000 in 2017.  We thank First Financial Bank shares for continuing to partner with us in our efforts.

Future Fund Board Members 2017-18
Elizabeth & Aaron Miller, Co-Chairs

Nichole & Jeff Casey

Trish & Jeff Dressen

Jennifer & Michael Fernandez

Kate & Matt Haney
Liz & Greg Henderson
Ali Holamon
Bryan Holamon
Christie Leedy

Kassidy & Ricky Nygaard

Amanda & David Pittman
Shay Senter
Erin & Michael Shanks

Logan & Taylor Sturgis
Lucy & Sam Vinson
Tracy & Richard Wolfe




Lisa Chavez, Wagstaff LLP

Aaron and Elizabeth Miller

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