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Annual Report Story: The Arts

Grants to Abilene arts organizations in 2017 supported programs that have served audiences in unique ways. One such program was at the Paramount Theatre, where staff and volunteers created custom theatre productions tailored specifically for an audience of people with special needs.

"She loves the singing and she loves the dancing, and it was okay for her to stand up...in the aisle and watch and sing and dance," says Susan Pate of her daughter Hannah's experience seeing the special productions of Guys and Dolls. The Little Mermaid, and Shrek Junior.

Organizations like the Paramount, The Grace Museum, and the Center for Contemporary Arts are also examples of organizations supported through Designated Endowment funds.

Building a DESIGNATED or AGENCY ENDOWMENT provides organizations with future stability and a foundation from which to grow.

Amount of Designated Grants: $1,216,540

Amount of Agency Grants: $524,121

Number of Designated & Agency Funds: 153

Assets Under Management: $59,025,858