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Annual Report Story: Animals

FIELD OF INTEREST and DONOR ADVISED FUNDS are great options for donors to support personal areas of interest or remain involved in recommending grants to particular charities.

Buddy is the sweetest and most active, too, "says 11-year-old Kayla Pendleton of her new cat, Buddy.

Buddy was found in July with a severe open wound on his back. After a few weeks under the care of the City of Abilene Animal Shelter, Buddy had healed and was ready for adoption. For Kayla, it was the perfect match. She hopes that Buddy's adoption story will encourage others to consider adopting hurt animals "so the can learn to take care of the [animal] that needs more loving."

Buddy's story is an example of the animals that have access to medical care as a result of funds from the Pat Meleen Vaughn Fund for Humane Treatment of Animals, a Field of interest fund.

Field of Interest

Amount of grants: $115,591

Number of funds: 45

Assets under management: $8,271,599

Donor Advised Funds

Amount of Grants: $2,224,169

Number of Funds: $132

Assets Under Management: $20,802,231