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ThriveABI Goal Setting in Progress

ThriveABI updates as of June 20, 2022:

ThriveABI is in full swing, and the Cause Area Working Group (CAWGs) have been meeting and setting goals that move us toward the Community Vision.

In case the concept of a CAWG doesn't ring any bells, here's a quick recap. When our community underwent the visioning process in 2019, we held forums and focus groups to talk about the full range of factors impacting the quality of life in Abilene. We then grouped those factors into these six cause areas:

  1. Education
  2. Essential Needs
  3. Health and Wellness
  4. Workforce and Economic Development
  5. Family Well-being and Neighborhoods
  6. Arts and Culture

The CAWGs include people representing agencies that do work affecting each of these cause areas. These groups started meeting monthly in April, and here's what they have accomplished so far:

  • Reviewed baseline data and identified remaining data collection needs
  • Determined which data indicators can be tracked within each cause area
  • Began setting specific, measurable goals that align with the objectives set forth in the community vision

CAWGs will reconvene in July to finalize the goals, then in August, they will begin identifying strategies to work toward those goals. Once the goals are finalized, we will share them publicly so our entire community can know what work is being done.

To keep up with ThriveABI updates, follow @ThriveABI on social media and monitor the CFA blog.