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Remembering Weeze Daniel, Beloved Friend of the Foundation

The story of Frances Hill “Weeze” Daniel is one of love for her community and compassion for people in need. Weeze passed away May 2, 2021 at the age of 102, a number that represents decades of charitable impact in Abilene.

Weeze was a longtime Friend of the Community Foundation and CFA fund holder. Through grants from her unrestricted and donor-advised endowment funds over the years, here are just a few examples of what Weeze accomplished and continues to accomplish still today:

  • feeding and housing countless people in need
  • enhancing programs for local children and youth
  • providing healing for the sick
  • making a positive impact on more causes in our community than can be measured

"Weeze was an amazing woman who cared deeply about making our community a better place," said CFA President/CEO Katie Alford.

"She had a fun and lively spirit, too, even at the age of 100! I remember joining her at Wesley Court for a drumming session, where she and her friends would make music together using exercise balls as drums. Weeze was one of the Foundation's most devoted Friends and will be dearly missed. I am forever grateful for all that she contributed to CFA and to Abilene."

She earned the nickname “Weeze” as a teenager in 1934 after her mother became the matron of McMurry University’s Hunt Hall. The college students gave her the endearing nickname, which was short for “Weasel,” and it stuck for life.

Over the years, Weeze became known for much more than her unique name. At the Community Foundation, we knew her as a woman who showed her deep love for her community through charitable giving.

Weeze Daniel’s legacy story will most certainly live on for years to come.

L to R: Amy Evans, Billye Proctor-Shaw, Weeze Daniel, Friends of CFA Breakfast, 2005
L to R: Gail Tobin, Bill Senter, Weeze Daniel, Friends of CFA Breakfast, 2005