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CFA featured in 'Abilene's top 10 positive stories of 2019'

Bigcountryhomepage.com has named its Top 10 Positive Stories of 2019, and the Community Foundation is honored to have played a part in four of these ten stories.

Here are the four featured stories that CFA and our donors contributed to:

#1: Abilene comes together to help those affected by EF-2 tornado

CFA established the Abilene Disaster Relief Fund and partnered with the United Way of Abilene to raise more than $500,000 for people directly impacted by the tornado.

#4: Abilene achieves functional zero for veteran homelessness

Agencies involved in the West Texas Homeless Network (WTHN) worked together to reach what is known as functional zero for veteran homelessness. This means Abilene's system of connecting homeless vets to housing is so efficient, that veterans are getting help with housing almost as soon as their needs are reported.

CFA is the fiscal agent for the WTHN, and Grants Director Michelle Parrish has been an instrumental member of this network, helping drive this initiative. CFA and our donors have made grants to support the homeless network's new system of connecting people experiencing homelessness to housing.

#7: Abilene Gives raises $729,000

We are thrilled that our third Abilene Gives raised so much money and awareness for the 120+ participating nonprofits serving our community! CFA is proud to present this event for the nonprofits, and several of our donors and local businesses make this day possible with their sponsorship support.

#8: Abilene’s CALF (Children's Art & Literacy Festival) has biggest year yet

We congratulate the Abilene nonprofits who make this event such a success. Several CFA donors have passionately supported the CALF each year by recommending grants from their donor-advised funds. Future Fund has also made grants to fund part of the CALF.

Watch video impact stories here.