It's no fluke that Abilene Gives raised around $2 million for local nonprofits in 2021. Funds poured in from a number of sources - individual donors, sponsors, retail business partners, and the Community Foundation of Abilene's donor-advised fundholders.

In fact, our fundholders made a significant impact on the 2021 totals, granting more than $567,000 from their funds to the causes they care about!

How do donor-advised funds work? Here's a quick snapshot:

  1. A donor makes a tax-deductible gift to establish the fund.
  2. CFA invests the gift to protect and grow the endowment for long-term sustainability.
  3. Grants are made from the fund's revenue each year. The donor chooses where the grants go!

CFA fundholders Lota Zoth and Cary Corthron used their donor-advised fund to support a diverse list of nonprofits during Abilene Gives. Lota explains why they chose a donor-advised fund as a conduit for their charitable giving.

A donor-advised fund is just one of the fund types we offer. The power of endowment means donors can make a lasting impact on the causes they care about, all starting with a single gift.

Want to learn more about our fund types and how they work? Our President/CEO, Katie Alford, would love to meet you for coffee! Or tea if you prefer. Contact Katie today.