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Abilene Gives T-Shirt Design Contest 2022

Abilene Gives T-Shirt Design Contest

We're looking for a fresh t-shirt design for Abilene Gives 2022! Abilene Gives is a 24-hour day of giving to support local nonprofits. It's powered by the Community Foundation of Abilene and is happening May 3, 2022. To have some fun with a fresh t-shirt design, we're hosting a contest open to local college students studying and/or practicing graphic design.


  • Incorporate the Abilene Gives logo. It can be embellished and used in just about any capacity (within a container, with extra pizzazz, etc.), as long as the main logo is present and identifiable.
  • Incorporate the Community Foundation of Abilene logo or words along with "powered by" or a similar phrase. This does not have to be large nor coincide with the Abilene Gives design. It just needs to be present anywhere on the shirt.
  • You may use color or keep your design on the greyscale. If you use color, please incorporate the Abilene Gives branding colors and/or similar shades. If you envision your design being used with a particular shirt color, you may indicate so.

Submissions, Judging, & Awards

  • Submit your entry via email to mdobbs@cfabilene.org by 5 p.m. March 1, 2022.
  • Submit two high-resolution versions of your design -- one showcasing only the actual artwork; the other showcasing its placement on a t-shirt. Vectors preferred.
  • Submissions will be showcased on social media to allow a few days of public voting and input. Then, a committee will review the designs and public feedback and choose a winner.
  • The 1st Place winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card, $100 towards the participating nonprofit of her/his choice, and a t-shirt with the final design. 2nd and 3rd Place winners will each receive a t-shirt and $50 towards the participating nonprofit of her/his choice.

Logos & Branding Colors




  • HEX: 145e67
  • R: 20; G: 94; B: 103


  • HEX: 670264
  • R: 103; G: 2; B: 100


  • HEX: 7a8b1b
  • R: 122; G: 139; B: 27