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Information about Community Foundation of Abilene or
Establishing a Fund, etc.
Katie Alford, President/CEO
325-676-3883, ext. 104

Information about Friends of the Foundation
Nita Slaton, Operations Director
325-676-3883, ext. 103

Information about your fund, fund balance or other financial questions
Jana Moreno, Finance Director
325-676-3883, ext. 101

Information about Future Fund, Foundation Events, Foundation Communications, Logos or PR
Megan Dobbs, Marketing / Communications Director
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Information about Establishing a Fund, Your Current Fund, or Donor Advised Grants
Courtney Vletas, Development and Donor Services Director
325-676-3883, ext. 102

Information about Grants, Grant cycles and Guidelines, or Nonprofit Information
Michelle Parrish, Grants Director
325-676-3883, ext. 106

Scholarship information, General CFA question/Contact Information
Jennifer Weber, Scholarship Director
325-676-3883, ext. 100