About Us

The Community Foundation of Abilene builds endowments that enrich the quality of life in Abilene and the surrounding areas. We accept gifts, administer funds, invest assets and make grants to charitable organizations on behalf of donors who entrust with their funds and often guide their use. Our mission—“to endow Abilene”—has enabled us to be a positive force. As a strong source of community charitable capital, we’re helping maintain and improve the quality of life in our community and region.

Since our creation in 1985, we’ve worked with a small staff and dedicated Board of Trustees to award more than $60 million in grants to charities. We work as each donor’s private foundation, but we’re able to achieve greater efficiencies by combining funds for investment and audit. The charitable missions of our donors are diverse, but their combined goal is clear—to make living in our Abilene area better for everyone.

Today, the Community Foundation of Abilene has assets of more than $112 million in more than 400 funds that benefit a wide range of causes. When you create a fund with us, you can be confident that we’ll:

  • Manage your fund prudently with expert, financial oversight.
  • Connect you to causes you care about and provide you with information on local nonprofits you value.
  • Provide a means for you to give back to the community.

Through your endowment, you can create a legacy that will benefit your community forever.

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The Foundation is a nonprofit grant maker and community builder. We serve two main customer bases we serve—donors who have a heart for the community and are looking for ways to give back and nonprofit organizations seeking grants and educational resources. Our ultimate goal is to give back to the community for generations to come.

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